The world's most pressing problems will be solved by those who know them best.


Our Mission

We put powerful tools in the hands of the world's most innovative problem solvers.

We do this by building ecosystems in low and middle income countries to help designers, makers, engineers, and entrepreneurs prototype, test, and manufacture hardware-based solutions to local problems without having to leave home.

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Our Approach

Ability may be evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.

Communities suffer when their best and brightest have to leave home to access the tools, the space, and the community to innovate. We connect innovation ecosystem leaders with the technical, management, and financial support they need to build powerful spaces and programs to support local hardware development.



patents filed by emigrants

On average, more than 80% of patents filed across low and middle income countries are filed by people living outside of their home country.



investment going to expat firms

71% of startup funding in Africa went to just four firms over the last three years, all run by expats.



youth set to join the workforce

15 to 20 million well-educated youth are set to join the workforce each year for the next 30 years in Africa alone.


Our Programs

Providing safe water, access to sanitation, a secure food supply, reliable transportation, or clean energy requires hardware. Too often, communities are forced to rely on technology developed in San Francisco or London to solve problems in Nairobi or Accra.

At best, the results are often inappropriate or expensive. At worst, the needs of the poorest users are overlooked entirely. We provide technical, management, and financial support to ecosystem leaders to overcome the barriers to local hardware development.


technical support

Building better hardware requires tools, space, supplies, and most of all, knowledge. We help ecosystem leaders identify the barriers preventing their communities from building world-class hardware and connect them with resources to overcome those barriers, from facilities to procurement to professional development and staff training.


financial support

We work with a wide range of donors and investors to marshal capital and coordinate funding to support hardware ecosystems at scale. We make grants to organizations committed to serving the needs of the poor through hardware innovation, and those building financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable operations.

management support

Hardware ecosystems are complex. We work with partners to build resilient and sustainable organizations by helping them identify gaps and institute best practices in governance, finance, accounting, HR, and operations, so they can focus on solving the problems that matter.

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